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Chiropractic Adjustments

A Chiropractic adjustment unlocks the trapped nerves allowing 

them to return to functioning at their best,  creating a happier healthier you.


Massage Therapy

Our Professional Licensed Therapists will work into your recovery or

 wellness plan with therapeutic & rehabilitative massage in a warm relaxing atmosphere.


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Published Articles 

An ongoing series of informational entries

What is Chiropractic care and why should I try it?


A Chiropractic adjustment is one of the safest and most effective means of improving overall health, reducing the harm done by the stresses of life.  It is a natural, noninvasive procedure that requires years of study and practice.  An adjustment refers to the process in which the Doctor of Chiropractic applies controlled force into one or more subluxated ; areas of the spine or body. The adjustment is typically delivered using the hands or a specialized mechanical tool to the affected areas of the body which are no longer moving properly or where function has become impaired.  If left uncorrected the loss of proper movement can lead to pain, degeneration and potentially osteo-arthritis. The Chiropractor uses several unique tests and procedures to determine which areas are subluxated. Like cavities, subluxations are not always painful during the initial stages and may go unnoticed until they become more severe.  Similar to a Dental check-up, it is important to participate in periodic Chiropractic care to maintain a healthy and normal quality of life.  Correcting subluxations; reduces pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, tension, nerve interference and allows your body to heal itself more efficiently.  This can improve overall health and wellness of the individual. Chiropractic care is often cheaper and more effective than alternative pain treatments such as prescription medications or invasive surgery.

The brain is the CEO of your body, and everything that we do is regulated by nerve impulses that are sent from the brain to the body. The vertebrae protect the spinal cord and allow our bodies to move but they can become fixated or stuck. These” subluxated” vertebrae can put pressure on the nerves as they exit the spine. This added pressure on the nerves can restrict the impulses that are sent from the brain to the body, which in turn can reduce your body’s ability to function as it should. Chiropractic adjustments improve the movement of the vertebrae and help to take the pressure off the nerves. With the release in pressure on the nervous system, the brain is able to communicate with the body more efficiently and the body functions with more precision. For the athlete who is looking for an edge to their physical performance, the improved communication between the brain and every part of the body, especially the heart, lungs and muscles can make the difference between winning and losing. For the woman going through pregnancy looking for relief with general discomfort, headaches, rib and back pain, an adjustment is crucial for her and the baby. For the little one growing up; learning to walk, dealing with constipation, colic and ear aches Chiropractic can help. It helps your quality of performance, it helps with injury prevention and recovery. Similar to the joints of the spine, joints in the extremities can also become misaligned or fixated. This includes but is not limited to joints of the shoulders, wrists, elbows, knees, hips, and ribs.  Chiropractic can restore function reduce wear and tear which can increase the life of your joints. Everyone benefits from Chiropractic care, not just those who are injured.  The physical, mental and chemical stresses of daily life are more than enough to diminish our ability to function normally. Pregnant women, children, the elderly, athletes and everyone in between can find rewards from our care. So, when am I going to feel better and why so many visits? The key is  consistency…There are three phases of care. The Acute or Initial Intensive Phase of Care- this stage usually consists of relieving pain, stabilizing the condition in the shortest amount of time depending on the severity of your condition. This is followed up by a Re Examination to confirm progress is being made. The second phase is the Rehabilitative or Corrective phase of care – this stage usually consists of improving spinal function correcting any underlying injury and/or strengthening muscles and other soft tissues. This phase helps to avoid a relapse of the initial condition. Visits will be less frequent and will often involve exercises and modification of daily habits. The third phase is Wellness or Preventative Care – this stage reduces treatment frequency based upon the improvement you have achieved. This stage of care will take the necessary steps to help prevent the return of the original condition. Regularly scheduled visits help to prevent reoccurrence of the problems before they become serious. Each patient elects to continue with a personally designed health program to maintain improved health and overall function.  

Our goal at Robinson Family Chiropractic is to improve the health and happiness in our community by providing a reliable trusted source of affordable healthcare. We make it our duty to encourage healthy habits and provide the finest care to improve our patients long term quality of life. Our patients see and feel the difference in enjoying a well- balanced life style. We offer customized adjustments that are to complement each individuals needs and we will do the same for you.

From the womb to the tomb ~ Chiropractic works

April  2019

They say growing up is optional but growing old is mandatory. We all are subjected to the wear and tear of life and it catches up to each of us. All the injuries we sustained as children; the falls off our bikes, the slip on the ice, the trip we take when we don’t realize our shoes are untied. As we hit our teens we get stronger but our lifestyles are just as relentless. Getting tackled on the football field or sitting in the bleachers for too long, learning to drive crashing into the median or processing through a vast array of hormones while studying for midterms, it all takes a toll and effects some of us more than others. Then having children, a large mortgage or a stressful job are all contributing factors of stress, our bodies adapt and change as we grow and not always for the better. Our tissues and ligaments begin to lose resiliency and flexibility, healing takes longer and poor circulation comes as we age. With each stage of life we can use a little help, by opening up locked joints (Subluxations) in our body and allowing the path of nerves to freely flow, we create a window of opportunity for better healing. Our bodies are built to handle and repair all of this with a little bit of maintenance.

It may seem that children do not need chiropractic, however starting them with preventative care early on in life sets them on the path for a lifetime of health and well-being. We all can experience subluxations in the spine. Infants and children can become subluxated from birth trauma, developmental stress as well as minor and major traumas. The first five years of life, the body produces more neural pathways than at any other time. As the first few years are crucial to each child’s potential, it is vital this performance is optimized through children’s chiropractic care. Even if your child is in excellent health; bumps, bruises, and falls accumulate over time and can result in pain, discomfort and/or health issues in their teen and adult years. The chiropractic adjustment is safe for patients of all ages. After an assessment of your child’s spine, the chiropractor will perform a gentle adjustment using either his or her hands or a small tool called an activator. This adjustment, alongside the use of chiropractic therapies, serves to remove the subluxation. Additional symptoms and conditions patients have reported improvement on include sleep, behavior, ADD/ADHD, colic, torticollis, ear infections, bed-wetting, digestive problems, allergies, asthma, seizures and more.

The Definition of Disease or (Dis-Ease) is “Disease is a disorder of structure or function in a human, animal, or plant, especially one that produces specific signs or symptoms or that affects a specific location and is not simply a direct result of physical injury.”

Chiropractic was created by D.D. Palmer in 1895 he explains Chiropractic as “The Philosophy, Art and Science of things natural. A system for adjusting the segments of the spinal column, by hand only, for the correction of the cause of Dis-ease.”

From the womb to the tomb we are here to lower stress, to be used as preventative medicine and to assist in the healing from accidents and injuries. A collision as slow as 2.5 mph can have significant soft tissue damage and we may not even realize how much of a disservice we are doing for ourselves by just pushing through the pain. We offer massage and chiropractic together as a source to create the best balance to restore your health in the quickest way possible. As we get older we want to maintain our Quality of Life, prolong pain free movement and cardiovascular health, all of which is promoted with Chiropractic.

A study with shows that using Chiropractic for wellness or maintenance care there is “85% less in pharmaceuticals cost, 62% less outpatient surgeries, 59% less days spent in the hospital and 60% less hospital admissions” thus… Chiropractic Works! Call to schedule today.

Published Articles

Athletics and Chiropractic 

October 2020

Are you striving for peak performance or missing the sports you love due to injury or pain? Here in Washington State we have beautiful Golf Courses and it is a shame when we don’t feel our best to get out and enjoy them. Chiropractic care allows the whole body to perform optimally making it a great way to help golfers win back their golf game without the negative side effects of pain medication or surgery. There is a lot of coordination between several of the body parts as well as a substantial amount of muscles it takes to swing a club throughout a round of golf. Pain can occur due to the overcompensation of other parts of the body, if one area of your body is not able to perform at its optimal level. When going into any game with poor spine conditions it can lead to poor performance, poor posture, and injuries making the rest of your body suffer. When a golfer swings repetitively, they are making themselves more likely to experience muscle strains due to the repetitive nature of the game. According to Dr. Tom LaFountain, Director of Chiropractic Services for the PGA Tour, 80 percent of injuries suffered through golfing are back related. Curious about how many of the pro’s keep their swing so smooth? Golf is about the movement of your body. Golfers everywhere, including 75% of touring pros are discovering how Chiropractic can help their game. A recent study reported that up to 85 percent of injuries on the PGA Tour and Senior Tour relate to the spine. The problem typically occurs from all the repetitive golf swings. It can affect the low back and even your elbows! Chiropractic can improve your golf game in EVERY way, since even a 1% improvement to your swing corresponds to a 1% improvement in your game...and chiropractic achieves vastly higher rates of improvement. It is a great way to prevent injuries and keep you on the greens.

The brain is the master control and everything that we do is regulated by nerve impulses that are sent from the brain out to the body through our nerves. The vertebrae protect the spine and allow our bodies to move, but they can become fixed or stuck, (the chiropractic term is subluxated) and these subluxated vertebrae can put pressure on the nerves as they exit the spine. This added pressure on the nerves can restrict the impulses that are sent from the brain to the body, which in turn can reduce the body’s ability to function as it should.

When you witness a crushing tackle during a game of Monday Night Football, you probably wonder how these guys can continue to get out and play again the following week. One-way players in the National Football League (NFL) get back on their feet is through Chiropractic treatment. With back pain alone appearing in as many as 75% of professional athletes every year, NFL players are requiring chiropractic care for their aches and pains. 45% of the NFL trainers had personally seen a chiropractor; 77% of trainers had referred players to a chiropractor; and 31% of NFL teams have an official chiropractor on their staff.

Chiropractic adjustments improve the movement of the vertebrae and help to take the pressure off the nerves as they exit from the spine. With the release in pressure on the nervous system, the brain is able to communicate with the body more efficiently and the body functions with more precision. For the athlete who is looking for an edge to his or her physical performance, the improved communication between the brain and every part of the body, especially the heart, lungs and muscles can make the difference between winning and losing.

Don’t sit on the sidelines any longer, take the first step in reengaging in your enjoyment of your favorite extracurricular activities and enhanced performance. Regardless of your game skill level, stop by Robinson Family Chiropractic today for regular adjustments that will help you get back on the course. Regular adjustments will prevent pain and help relieve pain and you may experience a better golf game, since a proper spine and posture can help you swing better and hit the ball straighter.





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