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About Dr. Robinson

Dr. Duggan Robinson was born at home in the country side of Pennsylvania and shared his childhood between there and living in the Hawaiian Islands. Being fortunate at a young age to have been exposed to family and friends who were active in charities around the world, it was instilled early  how important it is to help others. At age 10 he sustained a neck injury being thrown from a horse.  years later he found great relief under Chiropractic care. He was enlightened to how peoples’ health could be profoundly improved without drugs or surgery, helping him realize that he wanted to dedicated his life to help the greater wellbeing of all people.

"You can always progress to drugs and surgery if needed, however most people get well when they dedicate themselves to simple lifestyle changes and periodic Chiropractic care".

Dr. Robinson has worked closely with experienced well established Doctors and has cared for patients from the ages of 9 days to 90 years. Amateur as well as professional athletes, including but not limited to, members of the NFL, American Men’s Olympic Track and Field, the 1996 French Judo team, as well as members of the Special Olympic teams of the 90’s.  He helped them to achieve higher levels of performance with quick recovery and sustain fewer injuries. He has assisted women through all stages of pregnancy as well as their children,  to help facilitate a healthy immune system,

this includes his wife and son.

" Chiropractic helps the fit and the frail maintain/improve their quality of Life. My experiences adjusting people around the country have taught me, that each individual requires treatment to be specifically designed for them and I will do the same for you."

~Dr. Duggan Robinson




: a system of complementary medicine based on the diagnosis and manipulative treatment of the misalignment of the joints, especially those of the spinal column, which are held to cause other disorders by affecting the nerves, muscles, and organs.


Vertebrae which lose their normal/proper motion are commonly termed "vertebral subluxations". 

The Adjustment

A Chiropractic adjustment is one of the safest most effective means of improving overall health and reducing the harm done by the stresses of life.  It is a natural, noninvasive procedure that requires years of study and practice.  An adjustment refers to the process in which the Doctor of Chiropractic applies controlled force into one or more "subluxated" areas of the spine or body. The adjustment is typically delivered using the hands or a specialized mechanical tool to the affected areas of the body which are no longer moving properly or where function has become impaired.  

The Chiropractor uses a number of unique tests and procedures to determine which areas are subluxated. Like cavities, subluxations are not always painful during the initial stages and may go unnoticed until they become more severe.  Similar to a Dental check-up,  it is important to participate in periodic Chiropractic care  to maintain a healthy and normal quality of life.  Correcting subluxations;  reduces pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, tension, nerve interference and allows the body to heal itself more efficiently.  This can improve overall health and wellness of the individual. 

Chiropractic adjustments are the only way to eliminate vertebral subluxations and only the Chiropractor is trained to detect subluxations.  Similar to the joints of the spine, joints in the extremities can also become misaligned, injured and fixated.  This includes but is not limited to joints of the shoulders, wrists, elbows, knees, hips, and ribs.  Chiropractic can restore function and reduce wear and tear which can increase the life of your joints. 

Everyone can benefit from Chiropractic care, not just those who are injured.  The physical, mental and chemical stresses of daily life are more than enough to diminish our ability to function normally.  Pregnant women,  children ,the elderly, athletes and everyone in between can find rewards from our care.



The Story of Chiropractic

It begins in Davenport Iowa ~ 1895

D.D. Palmer was interested in finding the true cause(s) of disease. On September 18, 1895, D.D. Palmer got to help Harvey Lillard. a janitor in his office, who had been deaf for 17 Years. He became Deaf when he was exerting himself in a cramped, stooping position and felt something give way in his back and immediately became deaf.

An examination showed the vertebrae had been pulled from its normal position. D.D.Palmer reasoned that if that vertebra was “adjusted” to the original position the man's hearing should be restored. Mr. Lillard Decided he would to allow him to attempt to “re-place” it.

He racked it into position by using leverage on the spinus process and soon the man could hear as before. There was nothing "accidental" about this, as it was accomplished with an object in view, and the result expected was obtained. There was nothing "crude" about this adjustment; it was specific, so much so that no Chiropractor has equaled it.“ Lillard's hearing loss was due to a blockage of the spinal nerves which control the inner ear. This nerve blockage, in Palmer's estimation, was caused by a irritation of the spinal nerves by the misaligned vertebrae. When Palmer corrected the misalignment by pushing the vertebrae back into place, the nerve pathways were reopened and thus Lillard's hearing was restored.

Today we know that “The Vertebral Subluxation” is much more complicated than originally postulated by Palmer. Otherwise there would be no deaf people. However, Palmer's basic concept of:

Nervous system interference adversely effecting health has held true over the last 105 years.

The term "chiropractic" was first coined by D.D. Palmer's close friend, the Reverend Samuel H. Weed.

The term chiropractic was taken form the two Greek words:

Cheir (Chiro), Meaning "Hand“

Praxis (Practic), Meaning "Practice“

Thus chiropractic means "Done by Hand“

~Chiropractic - Correcting Subluxations since 1895~



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